To proceed with the submission, please follow the guidelines outlined below:

  1. Manuscript Formatting: Ensure that your manuscript is formatted according to our journal's guidelines [Vancouver style]. These guidelines typically include requirements for font, spacing, margins, and citation style. You can find detailed instructions on manuscript preparation on our journal's website or in the author guidelines document.
  2. Cover Letter: Include a cover letter with your submission. The cover letter should briefly introduce your study, highlight its significance, and explain why it is a good fit for our journal. You may also address any specific aspects or considerations related to your manuscript.
  3. Title Page: Provide a separate title page that includes the manuscript title, author's names and affiliations, corresponding author's contact details, and any acknowledgments or funding information.
  4. Abstract and Keywords: Include an abstract that provides a concise summary of your research, outlining the objectives, methods, key findings, and conclusions. Also, provide a list of relevant keywords to help index and categorize your manuscript.
  5. Figures and Tables: Ensure that all figures and tables are properly labeled and cited within the manuscript. High-resolution versions of figures should be submitted as separate files, following the specified file format (e.g., JPEG, TIFF) and resolution requirements.
  6. Ethical Considerations: If your study involved human subjects, animals, or potentially sensitive data, provide details of ethical approval or consent obtained as per the relevant ethical guidelines. In addition, disclose any conflicts of interest related to your research.
  7. Supporting Materials: If applicable, include any supporting materials, such as supplementary data, additional figures or tables, or multimedia files. These materials should be clearly labeled and referenced within the manuscript.

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